What to see during a 3-day weekend in Florence? In all honesty, Florence, the capital of Tuscany, was not on our “BUCKET LIST”! We can explain ourselves: until recently, Italy was not a favourite destination for us, probably because of an escapade to Venice that had not left us with an unforgettable memory of Italy… Florence titillated our curiosity thanks to the stories of many travellers who returned delighted with their stay! Weak as we are or rather curious about everything, we succumbed to the call of the Dolce Vita in Tuscany. And to make the most of it, we packed our bags in Florence for 4 days. A day was devoted to the discovery of

Vespa: a Polynesian lifestyle

The first Vespa in French Polynesia appeared after the Second World War. They immediately won over the Polynesians with their practicality and beautiful curves. Today as in the past, the Vespa is both a very practical mode of transport and above all a lifestyle. Report. “Look… This one is from 1975.” Nothing escapes Arii. Leaning against the wall of the Chong Fat store in Papeete, a specialist in mechanical parts for two-wheelers, the young man is on the lookout. As soon as he hears a Vespa passing through the street, he reaches out like a musician raising the notes of a song on the fly. This thirty-year-old is a specialist in Vespa, he would know how